How to use the site telia

What is Telia?

Telia is an international telecommunication provider, whose mission isn’t to be the number one carrier in the world but to continuously supply customers the most efficient services. The company was originally established as an internet provider, but now their services have grown to include, TV, streaming, mobile phones, email, and they even offer high-quality fiber-optic technology, which drastically increases the speed of data.

Telia intro


Creating your Telia account is fairly simple. All you do is click on create an account, and put in your Personal identification number, along with your email, then click continue, Telia will walk you through the rest of the registration process. You’ll also be able to pick whichever subscription plan benefits you the best.

Create account

My Telia Login

Inside you’re My Telia account, you’ll be able to manage your account and payment options, which will also allow you to easily add or change your package or subscription. Here you’ll also be able to follow orders, view your invoice, check your Webmail, and you’ll receive limited personal offers.

Telia login

Login Options

You have 2 options to login to my Telia account, you can log in through your «My Telia Account»

Login with username

or you can log in with your «Mobile Bank ID».

Password Recovery

Telia also provides the best web security, the company does their best to provide customers with a completely safe environment, and excellent password recovery tools. If you happen to forget your password or have troubling logging into your account, Telia can easily reset it, using the alternative email address you provided when you registered.

Telia Sim Card Activation

Telia Pre-pay phones, come with a SIM card which is fairly easy to activate, you simply install your SIM card, download the Telia app, and you can then pick your plan and easily manage your balance.

Telia Services

Telia are able to provide subscribers with the best digital experience, which services include:

  • Spotify

Telia spotify

Spotify is one of the hottest music streaming services available, with the world’s largest library of music to choose from, allowing you to easily stream music to your headphones on your way to work, studying, or relaxing at home, providing you the best listening experience.

  • StoryTel

Telia Storytel

If you’re a book lover than you’ll love Storytel, it provides thousands of e-books, which you can access directly from your phone or tablet.

  • F-Secure Safe


F-Secure Safe is the best protection you can have for your computer, phone or tablet; it will protect you against viruses and potential hackers.

  • Readly

Telia Readly

Readly provides subscribers unlimited access to magazines, and newspapers, which will easily keep you informed on everything going on in the world


Telia also features its own email server, which allows you to create up to five @telia email addresses, which provides a secure way for you to send and receive emails.



Telia offer 5 different routers, which include:

  • Wi-Fi Sagemcom Fast5370E

This router uses a fiber-optic connection and is one of Telia’s fastest and most powerful Wi-Fi Routers.

  • Wi-Fi Technicolor TG799VAC

The Wi-Fi Technicolor router also uses a broadband connection via telecom jacket, and offers duel bandwidth, providing a fast and stable Wi-Fi connection.

  • Wi-Fi Technicolor TG799VAC Xtream

This router is also designed by Technicolor, but unlike the other model, this router connects via fiber-optics, making this one of the most stable and powerful routers on the market.

  • NetGear R6220

NetGear is a brand that has been around for a long time, consistently producing quality internet equipment; this router is also equipped with external antennas to improve your signal quality.

  • Airties Premium Wi-Fi 2-Pack

This is one of the best routers out there, it covers 1,000 sq, the 2 pack comes equipped with 2 routers which are able to provide your whole home with Wi-Fi, and it’s easy to set up.


Telia also offers high-quality performance connection via fiber-optics, providing you the best connection, using a fiber-optic cable, allows you to connect to devices more quickly without slowing down your internet connection.


Talia uses fiber-optic networking to replace older copper cable networking, therefore allowing data to be transmitted at the speed of light. The great thing about using a fiber-optic connection is the service will not be affected by the weather or your proximity to the telecommunication station.


Telia Mobile Broadband

Telia Mobile now offers broadband at an extremely low price of 349 kr monthly, for an entire year, which includes free shipping, equipped with a Wi-Fi router, and a 30 day test period. Telia offers a standard broadband connection, which connects through a telecom jack. The Company also offers Broadband via a cellular network, which is an alternative option for those who do not have telecom output.


Telia are able to provide Sweden with a wide range of television programs and movies, featuring the best HD sound and picture quality. Telia Television is fairly easy to install, you simply choose the type of package you want, and you’re ready to go, you can also easily watch pay-per-view events or rent movies in the movie store. You’ll also have access to SVT Play, YouTube, and Netflix.

Telia Refill

Telia also offers a prepaid option, which allows customers to add minutes to their phone through a convenient cash card, which is great for people who do not wish to be tied to a contract. This allows you to upload money to your prepaid card as you like, all you do is choose the fixed price that works for you, and add money to your plan as you go.

Mobile App

You could also use the Telia Play app, which allows you to easily watch your favorite movies or Television shows on your phone, TV, or digital device. The entertainment is endless; you’ll have over 10,000 different titles to choose from.

You’ll also be able to stream HBO Nordic and over 15 other channels, and you’ll also receive a monthly subscription to TeliaPlay Kids for free, giving you access to a variety of children’s programming which includes, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and SF Kids, which includes classics Builders Bob, and Pingu.

The great thing about TeliaPlay is you can easily cancel your subscription at any given time, without having to pay a cancelation fee.

Google Play  App Store

Besides the Telia Play app exists another app, it’s My Telia app, with My Telia app you can:

  • See mobile subscriptions;
  • See information about your invoices (payment status, amount and OCR number);
  • Buy extra surf;
  • See your balance;
  • Add and remove services;
  • Refill cash card;
  • Find the nearest Telia store;
  • Follow Telia via blog, facebook and twitter;
  • Contact Telia by phone or e-mail;
  • Get tips on other apps and current offers;
  • Add more subscriptions (eg family members) and have an overview of all.

Google Play  App Store


Telia make it their priority to provide customers with the best, highest quality customer service experience.

They have a dedicated support team, who can be reached by email or telephone, equipped in 24 different languages, operating out of 17 different offices, which provides customers around the clock support, where they will answer any questions or concerns, including:

  • Fixed Broadband
  • Fixed Telephony
  • TV & Play
  • Billing Questions
  • Mobile Broadband
  • Mobile Telephony